2024 4th International Conference on Computer Graphics, Image and Virtualization(ICCGIV 2024)
Call For Papers
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Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Computer Graphics

· Basic theory and algorithms of graphics

· Geometric Modeling and Processing

· Computer animation and games

· Graphics technology based on image and video

· Computer-aided design

· Virtual Reality Technology and Applications

· Mixed Reality Technology and Applications

· Scientific computing visualization

· Image Video Processing

· Digital Media Technology

· Engineering Graphics and Applications

· Three-dimensional vision

· Graphical User Interface

Image Processing

· Image Processing

· Discrete Cosine Transforms

· Discrete Hilbert Transforms

· Fuzzy Logic Applications in Signal Processing

· Image segmentation

· Pattern recognition and analysis

· Spectral Analysis

· Wavelet Transforms

· Coding and Transmission

· Color and texture

· Object and Scene Recognition

· Face recognition

· gesture recognition

· Image feature extraction

· Digital Signal Processing

· Medical image processing

· Radar Image Processing

· Sonar Image Processing

· Digital Multimedia Broadcasting

· Imagel Processing Applications

· Image generation

· Image acquisition

· Image processing

· Image-based modeling

· Immersive virtual reality

· Integration of virtual reality

· multimedia

· Interactive digital media

· Audio processing

· Video processing


· Performance measurement, modeling and monitoring of virtual / cloud workloads

· Adapt to the emerging high performance computing technology

· Programming model of virtual environment

· Dynamic computing power integration

· Troubleshooting virtual infrastructure

· Energy optimization and energy saving of green data center

· Virtual per job / on demand clustering and cloud burst

· Virtualization Platform

· Business value of cloud computing and virtualization

· Heterogeneous virtualization environment, virtualization accelerator, GPU and coprocessor

· Topology management and optimization of distributed virtualization applications

· Lightweight computing node operating system / VMM

· Virtualization in data intensive computing and big data processing

· Open virtualization format

· Virtualization choreography across data centers

· Virtual perception network

· Control the spread of virtual server